Copasec Provides A Living Framework of Risk Mitigation for the CEO

One of the greatest business risks is vulnerability to global cybersecurity threats.

  • Assess your cybersecurity preparedness
  • Identify internal and external threats
  • Integrate controls, policies, and procedures
  • Create a cross-functional and collaborative leadership focus
  • Establish a foundation for soundboard governance
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Copasec Provides Solutions for Challenges to Cybersecurity Best Practices for the CIO

Information Technology is expected to lead the charge in cybersecurity preparedness.

  • Identify your organization's exposure to third-party breaches
  • Assess your alignment with industry best practices
  • Implement an operational infrastructure to measure and mitigate risk
  • Engage leadership to create a culture of risk management
  • Secure the resources to support cyber risk mitigation efforts

Copasec provides the CFO with Successful Risk Management enterprise-wide controls

  • Evaluate control strategies
  • Implement secure internal processes
  • Summarize and communicate risks
  • Engage executives and audit committee
  • Adapt your framework as cyber threats evolve
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