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Business First Solutions to Mitigate IT Risk


one of your greatest business risks is vulnerability to global cybersecurity threats

Risk Based Cyber Security Programs


companies are vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks during transitions...

Mergers and Acquisitions

your information systems are most effective when aligned with business strategy

IT Strategy

the board of directors owns cybersecurity risk, involve them in your plans

Board Governance


Copasec provides a comprehensive, practical and risk-based approach to stay secure on the Internet. Let's work with you to frame a right-sized program to address your unique business risk profile.

Assess Your Starting Point

Knowing where you start is the key to beginning any journey.  The assessment aligns your business’ people, process and technology with an industry standard framework.  We’ll get you grounded in your reality today – to help you identify your risks, strengths and gaps.  The assessment is your baseline from which you’ll build a right-sized, risk-based information security program. 

Define a Roadmap

Technical solutions form the foundation for a robust and risk-based information security program.  Processes (governance) and people (culture and organization) are also critically important.  To establish a mature program and adequately address gaps, we’ll help you map out a balanced plan for change that addresses all three.  We’ll work with you to plot the journey on a timeline and budget that fits your risk profile.

Measure and Reassess

Along your journey to digital resilience, you’ll need checkpoints to reassess the landscape and make sure you are progressing on pace.  We’ll perform a periodic check-up to measure against goals and adjust the plan as needed to fit your business reality.


Julia did a great job focusing on the big picture with attention on the necessary details to build a practical, risk-based and effective information security program for Axiall.”

Dwain Wilcox

anne marie pavone

Julia is an organized and excellent communicator with an emphasis on building strong customer relationships.

Anna Pavone

Clinical Assistant Professor Information Systems and Technology Management
john johnston 125 square

Julia's pragmatic approach to business challenges and security solutions gives me complete confidence in her decisions and recommendations.

John Johnston

Cyber Security, Risk & Compliance Professional

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