There are many questions to ask and answer when building out a cyber security program for your company.  From the proper framework to how you will measure risk and determine priorities to the skills needed to manage it all.  We'll listen and devise a right-sized approach that considers your company's unique risk profile.


In today's business climate if IT is out of alignment with the business it can spell disaster. Your IT strategy must be aligned and include security considerations every step of the way.  Cloud platforms and development environments enable business success.  We'll work with you to map them into a strategy that is secure and aligns with your business.


From order taking to cash collection, bill payment and keeping the books, business processes require systems and networks to support them.  These IT systems are part of the asset value of a business.  Whether you are buying or selling a business we will assist in coordinating the IT aspects of the transaction.


The board owns company risk.  They need regular updates on the topic and need to be informed that cybersecurity risk is being addressed. Copasec can step you through the process of building a cybersecurity program that includes good board govenance. 

A Practical Approach to the CyberSecurity Threat

You read daily in the news about cyber security breaches, data theft, malware, ransomware and online threats.  It is hard to know where to begin to protect your company assets. Sorting through what is needed to protect your company's technology and data capabilities can be difficult. This is where CopaSec becomes an invaluable partner.

We provide a full battery of consulting services to help you tackle the cybersecurity threat for your company.  We can help you build an inhouse cyber security program, assess the cyber risk associated with a new acquisition or conduct due diligence for a potential merger.  Call on Copasec to align IT strategy with your business which factors in cyber security risk.  Copasec can provide foundation for establishing a Governance program with your company board.